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From Wellsprings of Sorrow Unsaid

Two crows dancing to the cooing of a dove,
        dark wings gleaming in the light—
In circles they spin, silent and sleek,
        honoring all things divine.

I look to the heavens, past wind, trees and clouds,
        and know you’ve found what we seek—
The white light beyond our last view of life
        and freedom from pain in sweet peace.

As the sun sinks below skies blue as your eyes,
        and spring yields to summer again—
I feel the tears flow, unbidden and slow,
        from wellsprings of sorrow unsaid.

AB Christie 6/21/08

Waltzing with the Wind

Waltzing with the Wind

One dawn a baby robin, ensconced upon a bush,
        looked at me with wonder and greeted me with love —
I waited for its fear at my overwhelming size,
        yet it tipped its head, undaunted, and stared into my eyes.

The robin preened and postured and opened wide its beak,
        assuming in its trust that I might meet its need —
Alas I had no worm so I failed the crucial test
        of nurturing this orphan who'd fallen from its nest.

Its hunger drove it onward and on the ground it plopped,
        pecking at the earth and hopping foot to foot —
Along came a cat, stealthy stalking beast,
        envisioning the robin as a tasty piece of meat.

I screamed in helpless horror at the predatory cat,
        distracting it a second, yet that was all it took —
The robin spread its wings and rose in its first flight
        waltzing with the wind in the morning of its life.

AB Christie 5/22/08

The Spider

A spider spins a web of sticky strands of silk
        woven in a pattern known well by all her ilk—
Adorned with dew it sparkles under the soft morn light
        reflecting forth a brilliance that captivates the eye.

Mistress of illusion and dancer on the wind,
        weaving what will be from what has always been—
Teach to me your lesson of balance and of grace,
        of being in the moment and living without haste.

AB Christie 04/30/08

Let the Healing Start

Three crows crossed my path today, silent, black and sleek, 
    reminding me to listen if I really want to hear—
The eventide is melting as I walk home with my wolf, 
    yet even in the darkness, I know I’m not alone.

In the flowers budding and on the fragrant wind, 
    I feel your wisdom flowing and hear your voice again—
I remember most your faith, and how it warmed my soul, 
    and now you’re all around me in beauty and in hope.

I miss your calming arms and long to hold you tight;
    the world feels somehow dimmer without your guiding light—
Buried deep within me, sheltered from the rain,
    is a little girl who’s loved you since the day that she began.

Tonight I lit your candle and felt you in my heart,
    and as my tears flowed freely, I let the healing start.

AB Christie 3/1/08

Me and My Pony

A friend took these today. My "pony" is getting chubby! Christie

Another Facet of Storm Clean Up

Yesterday I hiked along a river that recently flooded and I spotted a couple of plastic bottles on the rocks. I thought, hmmmmmm, I'll give myself a little climb and clean it up! It was steep enough that I could only take the dog half way. Under each piece of debris was an entire pile of refuge that had washed up during the flood. I filled 4 plastic bags and couldn't carry them all. I had to lift each bag a ledge or a step ahead of me as I clambered back over the supports to the bridge! It was exhilerating, both the climbing and the raw beauty and power of our Pacific Northwest scenery. Pine scented air and water rushing around jagged boulders. The shrubs and trees are starting to bud and I even spotted a few little wild flowers.

I was rewarded for my effort with the find of a rubber duckie. This one looks like an antique--it's mud tinted. I also slept like a baby last night, I was so so tired.

Let Your Spirit Fly

Far into the dreamscape, above the clouds and rain,
is a place where stars are born and spirits feel no pain—
Joining hands on earth, in a freedom born of faith,
we pass the peace among us and pray to end all hate.

Deep within each person, unbridled and untamed,
are passions coursing crimson like twilight set aflame—
The differences between us melt like snow in a warm wind
when we treat a passing stranger as a newfound friend.

Let your spirit soar with mine into the otherworld
and seal tight the magic learned deep within your heart—
Then when the moon blooms full and pulses with new life,
dance naked with your shadow and waltz into the light.

AB Christie, 1/23/08

Make of Each Day a New Song

Scenes etched deep in indelible ink
of hunger and sickness and death--
In a world so marred by violence and greed,
do you wonder if life makes sense?

The headlines scream of floods and cold
as shelters bulge to bursting--
Sometimes it all seems but a bad dream
when so many are lost and hurting.

Taste the rainbow swabbed by spent storms
and savor it with your tongue--
Live hard, love well, share what you can
and make of each day a new song.

AB Christie 12/12/07

A Mother's Song

A Mother’s Song

I am the womb in every moon that blooms so high above;
I am a mother suckling her newborn babe in love—
I am the voice you turn to when you need an ear;
I am the strength that guides through each and every fear.

Look into the future and see in it the sun,
And look to the past to see how far you’ve come—
Rest in the shadows and dance naked in the rain,
And let it wash your soul free of any pain.

AB Christie

Sunset Mirrored in Capitol Lake (5/7)

Here are some shots I took last night walking home.

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