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My view of the Procession

Earlier I blogged about the Capitol Theater facade and about the aquifer. Here they are during Procession of the Species and I think really demonstrate their potential. As I mentioned, the awning on the Capitol Theater is a great place to watch a parade.

Capitol Theater during Procession

Also, people are just hanging out on the cement blocks by the aquifer. Imagine how cool it would be if this was an even larger space with more places to sit! Maybe I'm just being greedy. There is also something extremely great about this space being so rugged and unpolished. I agree with the earlier commenters that making it into an official park may gentrify it. But does it have to be one or the other? Can we make an intentional and inclusive public space that works?

People at the water

Mural by Subway

Jumping antelopes Antelopes

Giraffe eating ivy Elephant and bird

I stumbled across these animals walking past the Subway on State St.



What is stopping Olympia from using the aquifer?

Oly aquifer I don't understand why Olympia doesn't use its natural resource, the aquifer, to create a big attraction and amazing urban space? Why not make it really beautiful? Fountains are the heart of the city in many places. Flowing water has a hypnotic effect on people. The Oly aquifer is a copper pipe in a stinky parking lot and yet it draws people to it. Whenever I go down to get a drink, I see people coming and going, filling up jugs, talking, hanging out. It could be all that and so much more with beautiful sculpture or a mosaic and definitely a space to sit around and people watch. What's stopping

The Capitol Theater Facade

Which do you like best, before or after?

i have to admit that I kind of like seeing the stained glass and the gargoyles that were hidden by the marquee. though this sudden change makes the remaining OFS sign look very shabby and kind of sad.

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