Can cooperation reduce vandalism risk?

If the City of Olympia decided to cooperate, work -with- rather than -against- Occupy Olympia people, perhaps that would reduce some vandalism and violence.

I hope City of Olympia is talking with their peers in Seattle and Portland. These Occupy movements may very easily spread and grow. Why not find a way to reduce possible harm rather than immediately cause harm?


Has something happened

Has something happened regarding vandalism and violence around an Occupy Olympia rally?

Sincere question; I wasn't in downtown yesterday and I haven't heard about anything.

I should have explained

Sorry about that, I should have written out my thoughts more thoroughly. I don't know of any violence or vandalism. And in terms of violence I was actually concerned also about police response.

I was thinking about how Occupy movements can be viewed as potential terrorism and cracked down hard on - or as welcome citizen uprisings that can be cooperated with.

I think city goverments can ride the wave, learn to surf along with these movements, and maybe in the process reduce possible further trouble. Sort of like harm reduction.

Ride the Wave

Surf along harm reduction. Yay!

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