Missing Children, Global Dominance, The Bohemian Grove, and The Cremation of Care

Entrance to Bohemian Grove At the time when Lindsay Baum went missing earlier this year, in June, I was actively researching about the Bohemian Grove. I have been interested in the Grove for a few years, and earlier this year I even had occasion to stop by for an uninvited visit (see photo). The Bohemian Grove is a place in Northern California (near the town of Monte Rio) where members of the Bohemian Club (of San Francisco) and their guests gather each year for a Summer Encampment marked with celebration and ceremony. Membership in the Bohemian Club, and attendance at Summer Encampment at the Bohemian Grove is limited to men: no women are allowed. The Grove has attracted attention throughout the years because of the prominence of its members and guests. Many extremely wealthy and powerful people have cheered each other on from the shores of its redwood forested Bechtel family donated artificial lake.

My intention here is to connect the problem of missing children and the policy of global dominance, with the Bohemian Grove, and the yearly cremation ceremony of the effigy of a child named Dull Care.

The Bohemian Club and its Grove are interesting in many ways. A thorough recollection of the organization is outside the scope of this article, but suffice it to say that many accounts exist, and there is much information that can be found in books and on the Internet. For the purposes of this article, I want to focus on a few aspects of the Summer Encampment at the Grove and those who attend.

Two parts of yearly activities at the Grove are of interest to me for the purpose of drawing this connection. One is the record of Grove attendees. Many past attendees are captains of powerful industries, or prominent politicians: many attendees have advocated, at various levels, on behalf of policies of global dominance. This applies both in terms of governmental policies, as well as business policies. The second aspect of the Grove Encampment which I intend to illuminate is the annual initiation ceremony, which is commonly referred to as The Cremation of Care. In the Cremation of Care, the effigy of a sacrificed child, dubbed "Dull Care," is ritually cremated.

I suggest that the mentality, policy, and related attitudes of Global Dominance are problematic. And also problematic are attitudes that views care as "dull."

The mentality and policy of global dominance is connected with a multitude of various economic and environmental injustices, harms, and abuses. In pursuit of global dominance, many businesses and business leaders have engaged in activities and behaviors which are exploitative of both the planet, and people. A policy and attitude of global dominance is fundamentally antithetical to a policy and attitude of care and concern for the well-being of others.

Through the pursuit of global dominance much suffering comes. As a consequences of global dominance, people are oppressed and impoverished. Social conditions result where crime and disease fester. Environmental conditions develop where species are going extinct at an unprecedented rate - and it's all due to human activities.

Lindsay Baum went missing about a month before the Bohos gathered for their Summer retreat extravaganza. What I'm not saying is that Lindsay was abducted in order to be sacrificed and cremated upon the altar of the Bohemian Grove (although that is a possibility - and there are rumors that real children have been sacrificed in the past for the ceremony.) What I am saying — the main point I am attempting to illustrate here — is how privilege, power, and wealth, combine with anti-human policies like global dominance to create the conditions where violence flourishes.

Violence flourishes at all levels, from families and homes, to neighborhoods, to communities, to our individual and collective relationships with the natural world, to policies and real-world relationships with nations around the world. Real world violence stems from policies which are essentially adversarial - which look at the planet and people as resources to be exploited. It is a problem when we look at each other and ask, "what can I get from this person," rather than looking at each other and thinking about how we can interact in a way that is respectful, honest and truthful, essentially just, and in accord with the principles of stewardship and leaving the planet in a better condition than we found it.

So I say; No to global dominance. No to missing children. No to the Cremation of "Dull Care."

Caring is a virtue. To care quite simply and plainly ought NOT to be thought of as onerous or burdensome.


Nader Interview

Here's a link to a radio interview by Pat Thurston, with Ralph Nader, on the topic of the Grove and corporate power: http://sonomacountyfreepress.com/bohos/nader.html

I followed your recent

I followed your recent Bohemian Grove comments back to this one. I have a really hard time believing that members and guests such as Walter Cronkite,Bing Crosby,Merv Griffin, Jack London, John Muir, and Mark Twain have sacrificed children there. Honestly.This is about the worst rumor driven scare mongering I have come across. As for your tie in with local events, how many children were kidnapped or disappeared that month? That week?

Comments Removed

The following are comments that I was requested to remove from an earlier post about Lindsay Baum, who is a missing child.


Missing Child

Well, it may be a reach, but I have a lingering thought that Lindsay's disappearance might be related to the Cremation of Care Ceremony at the Bohemian Grove. The timing of her disappearance would tend to go along with this theory.

(disclaimer: I am not suggesting I have any sort of proof that real children are used in the cremation of care ceremony - only suspicion based on possibility [and the general ruthlessness of those involved.])



Ceremonies like that aren't necessarily unusual, a public one I've attended is the burning of Zozobra in Santa Fe.

Zozobra centers around the ritual burning in effigy of Old Man Gloom, or Zozobra, to dispel the hardships and travails of the past year.

Various fraternities and other groups do ceremonies along this line.

Hopefully Lindsey is safe somewhere and will be found soon. 


Cremation of Care and Ritual Sacrifice

I think that what sets the Cremation of Care apart from some of the similar programs, like Zozobra for example, is that the purpose is to cremate CARE. Dispelling the hardships and travails of the past year is much much much different from the intention to banish care - in that care is loving, care is about concern for the well-being of others. Love, care, and concern for the well-being of others are good qualities to have, these are virtues.

Naming the effigy of a child "Dull Care", and ritually cremating it upon an altar, is downright sociopathic - in my opinion -- especially when considering who is in attendance at the Grove (that is: some of the richest and most powerful men in the world. If these people think that it is a good time to abandon care and concern for the well-being of others, then I object.) Not to mention rumors that real children were used in past times. That's really disturbing.

Hopefully Lindsay is okay and will be found soon. I agree.


What's disturbing

is insinuating an absurd characterization of a fraternity ritual into this story about Lindsey's disapearance. I hope you consider removing the Bohemian Grove references or risk hijacking this important thread.


It may seem absurd, and it may be subtle and nuanced, but the Cremation of Care Ceremony is a very significant statement about the lives and values of those who participate in the Bohemian Club. Furthermore, in the absence of any leads into the condition or whereabouts of Lindsay, I think it's unwise to cancel anything out.

The Bohos are the Global Dominance crowd, and there are a lot of Spooks amongst them. These people are known to be ruthless, and to pride themselves on doing all sorts of nasty activities, like stealing, for example.

I wouldn't put it past them. Anyway, until there is a solid lead pointing in another direction, I think it makes sense to keep an open mind toward any possibilities.

It's just so sad that children get abducted in our society. Imagine living in a world where that didn't happen...

Though that probably won't happen while the Bohos are running the show.


your one weird cat Berd...

your one weird cat Berd...

Well, I figured it was pretty futile

but I thought I'd try.

I appreciate the effort

and I share the frustration. Thanks for trying.


I personally would appreciate it if you started another thread on your concerns about the Bohemian Grove and moved related posts from this one to that one.

I know you are concerned about the group but right now it looks to me as if you have a hammer in your hand and everything - including unrelated items - looks like a nail to you. 

In my humble opinion. :) 


Starting a New Thread

Okay Sarah, thanks for the politeness in your request. I'll work on starting a new thread to develop my ideas on connections between care, missing children, and global dominance. And then all these comments can be deleted removed. Sorry to cause any upset.



Whom or what is Responsible for a Culture of Violence?

Who, or what, is responsible for a culture of violence?

Honestly, I don't think this is personal. I think that the violence that is inherent in our culture is systemic, and intrinsic to the establishment. I think it goes way way back. It's related to fear.

I think that there are many institutions that are part of the problem (the problem being the maintenance of a culture of violence - a culture where people hurt and maim, and abduct and kill each other.)

I see corporate power as one of those institutions that enables this filthy rotten status quo - this reality of oppression and violence, where so many people live daily in fear.

To me, the Bohemian Grove Encampment is symbolic of much of what is wrong in this culture - where the highest privileges and powers are often granted to, and seemingly reserved for, only those who are willing to engage in abusive economic policies and behaviors, to subjugate and exploit others, include the wilderness and ecological health that we all depend on for quality of life.

This culture of violence is not limited to domestic abuses. This culture that we are part of is rotten to the core, despoiling the planet, dooming future generations to poverty (unless we, you and I, change it.) This culture is engaged in war against the planet, and indeed, even against humanity itself.

I believe that it is important to connect the Bohemian Grove to the various multitudes of economic / social / political oppressions and abuses that are part of our present day culture. I believe the problem of missing children - presumably having been abducted - is a symptom of this culture of violence.

So that is the spirit in which I ask the question, whom or what is responsible for this culture of violence?

I think corporate power, corporatism are part of the problem. And to me, the annual gathering at the Bohemian Grove seems like a perfect example of how this system operates. It's a fraternity. It's exclusive.

Only people with a lot of money, or their guests, are allowed in. So how to get a lot of money? In my thinking, it often times requires activities that compromise human rights, justice, fairness, ecological health and sustainability.

So, hopefully you can understand this more, and why it's important to me.

"Our problems stem from our acceptance of this filthy, rotten system." Dorothy Day