update from crawford 8/18

(submitted by Chris for T.R.

hi folks,

i am very tired tonight. my report will be short. i have an interview to do in a short while with a radio station as well.

it has been a long hot day at the camp. the women did a action today, writing letters to laura bush, and when i left to write this, they were headed to the ranch to try to deliver them. at my last understanding, they were seeking a way to do that, as they had been told if the took boxes up to the secret service, full of letters, they would be assumed to be dangerous materials and destroyed. they could not leave them there, or they would be thrown away... so they were looking to see if there was an alternative. perhaps they would take them to the post office. i am not sure how they resolved this.

we had another bit of action in the camp last night. a young man showed up asking questions of us about where our leaders were, after midnight. we would not either acknowledge being leaders or tell where they were. he started in on a rant about the situation in iraq, we identified him as a problem and asked him to leave.

he came back after 2 when the 2nd shift of security was on. they were fairly new... and did not realize who he was. they did think he was a wierdo, ad they reported him to me. i recognized him right away... and then he took off. he walked off and left his car. he showed up again at 6, but this time identified himself as a federal agent... oops.... to our attorney. the attorney asked for information, and then.... voila, he ran into the bushes at the end of the road. sheriffs were called and responded quickly, and arrested him. he made a move as if he might be armed, and therefore risked himself with the police... so i understand he has a fairly high bail.... but sheriffs confirm he was not armed. still... i knew there was something wrong with him as soon as i met him.

we are gearing up to move the camp tomorrow. i don't like the new location so much, but it may grow on me.

cindy's mom has had a stroke, she and her sister have flown to california to assess the situation. the vigil was never just about cindy, so we continue to hold down the fort. actions will go on.

tomorrow there will be press conference at 10:30 as usual, and we will begin to move camp shortly after.

I'll update you all soon.

be well.

if you want to send money, contact mfso.org or crawford peace house.






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