orange berries?

Might anyone know what kind of berries are in the photos below? I came across them while walking in East Olympia. The berries themselves look much like orange raspberries, but the rest of the plant is very different.  Any help would be much appreciated!  Thank you!

berries on the plants/vines:

close up:

picked berries:



nope, not salmon berries

Salmon berry is Rubus spectabilis and as described earlier, a tall woody shrub native to this area, unlike the ornamental Rubus of this thread. Same family...

Damn, hangin' around here I can feel my brain growing

And I'm pretty sure it's not a tumor. And now for more. From the University of Notre Dame Latin Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid

rubus -i m. [a bramble bush; a blackberry].

spectabilis -e [visible; worth seeing , notable].

Long time, no see those

Those are salmonberries. Good stuff!

yeah, salmon berries are

yeah, salmon berries are definitely a completely different berry.

crinkle leaf creeping raspberry, it is!

Thank you so much for your help, everyone! This looks like it's the right plant:

mmmMMMMmmmm nummmy

I call them Salmon Berries, I don't know what the botanists call them. Eat them! (i think)

Scott Westerback - Oly

I don't think those are salmon berries

Wrong kind of vegetation.


don't eat them!

Scott Westerback - Oly

Those look like

Those look like Cloudberries, which are edible and pretty tasty.


those look like Rubus calycinoides

It's native to Taiwan but widely planted in North America as an ornamental in areas with fairly mild winters. It's usually sold as creeping raspberry.


Rubus Calycinoides appears to be it! Thank you so much!

Pretty Berries

I love the color. I would like to try some myself!


Those are cloudberries, also known as salmon berries. Yes, they are edible and delicious.

Definitely so

Those definitely look like cloudberries. I have a few raspberry plants of my own, but none of my berries are quite that hue.

Salmon Cloud Berries (salmonegglookincloudsiftheywereinthesky)

They are everywhere down on our family farm in Raymond, (The Rusty Gultch) maybe those growing in the pic are out in the open and get too much sun :0)
Scott Westerback

Hum, growing up around here I was taught Salmon berries are

the fruit of three to five foot tall woody bushes that grow in the understory of second and third growth fir tree forests.