Artswalk and Procession

Spring Artswalk and Procession seemed to have been great this year. The weather on Friday was excellent and the crowd was large, and turnout for the Procession main event on Saturday seemed to be great. Stationed around the intersection of Jefferson and Legion, along with thousands of others downtown, I watched the whole Procession go by. The Whale was awesome, as was the Slime Mold with the rainbow trail, and how about that Giraffe, incredible—its neck was able to bend down for its head to get a few feet away from touching the ground. Wow. People must have a lot of stories about their experiences over the weekend, I hope you made it to see the wonders!

Tony Overman has photos on The Olympian website: here.

Laura Killian posted photos (see Procession of the Species Celebration Collection 2013), including this one of the Giraffe:
Jerry the Giraffe Clears the First Lines
Jerry the Giraffe Clears the First Lines

I used a video camera, on loan from TCTV, to help get footage for the YDHWM (Your Daily Hour With Me) program.

Here are a couple samples, some more were shared on the program recorded live last Saturday night, and schedueld to go hyper-live broadcast next Saturday night (at the customary 11:30pm time, TCTV Channel 22.)

Local Short on Healing in Downtown Olympia

[editor's note: Due to content of a somewhat sexual and sexually suggestive nature, the following presentation may not be suitable for all viewers. Some discretion may be advisable!]

EROS and PSYCHOS from Healing Journey Television on Vimeo.

ArtsWalk Open Thread

Artswalk. I thought it was great. I saw a lot of fantastic, awesome, outstanding, deeply moving art. Oh, and there was THE most amazing rainbow. Wow! One of the best I have ever seen!

There was so much to see, it would have been impossible to do it all. I found myself wishing for another day of Artswalk...

I have a few photos to sort through and then I'll post them, either later tonight or tomorrow.

So, what did you think? What did you see, smell, hear, feel (or otherwise sense)? Any remarkable aspects?

Rainbow photo by Paul Taylor

Poem in the Park with Dark

We'll be practicing @ the Capitol Lake amphitheater Wednesday night (04/22) from 7:30 - 8:30 (unless it's raining) for the I Love You variety show. If you're so inclined, come watch. And if you're adventurous, bring some of your own poetry to read.

I Love You Variety Show, The Spring Collection

Don't miss this amazing night of the best entertainment Olympia has to offer!

Saturday, April 25th 8pm
Partial proceeds benefit the Olympia Film Society!

The Capitol Theater in collaboration with Ms A Productions is proud to present this hysterically tragic evening of spectacle and entertainment!! Love-hungry hostesses, comediennes Missus Adams and Erin Markey, will do their best to pluck the six strings of your heart while introducing a score of local mixed-media experts on the fine art of love. This night of melodramatics includes film, dance, music, and live performance featuring Bridget Irish and the Animinions, the Viscera dancers, April Schief with Stare Hard, Oly Free Choir and the Kids, Greta Jane & Carlin, Body Clock, Cairo Pythion, Michelle McAllister, Andora Creterson Movement, and more!! Designers and artists Anna Mink, Abigail Adams, Jean Nagai and Ryan Converse adorn the love-worn charade. Love made you act like a fool; how you sang, and danced, and carried on! You remember how it felt. On Saturday, April 25, it will feel that way forever. Partial proceeds benefit the Olympia Film Society!

artswalk at the 4th ave


please join us for artswalk 2009 at the 4th ave alehouse. 210 4th ave e. olympia.

april 24th w/ paul mauer + razors and red flags + ben hawkes + rikk beaty band + big blue van + fungus riot



artswalk poster 4/24/09


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