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Heist: Who Stole the American Dream, movie recommendation

Heist: Who Stole the American Dream—I saw this film documentary earlier today. I felt inspired. It runs until Thursday, please, see it for yourself. Here's a link to the Olympia Film Society Calendar.

The 2011 feature documentary film by Frances Causey and Donald Goldmacher is timely, and relates to and to some measure directly draws upon the Occupy Wall Street movement. It tells the story of the war waged by financial elites in order to maintain and expand their tremendous wealth. It shows how both the Republican and Democrat political parties have been accomplice to this war against the working class, the poor, and those living with impairments.

Recommended is full employment, re-instating regulations on the investment (and financial speculations) industry, and public campaign financing.

Here's a trailer:

And link to the website:

Dennis Kucinich's Presentation Available on TCTV and Internet

For those of you who missed it, Congressman Kucinich visited Olympia this past President's Day, Monday the 21st of February. He attended a labor rally in the Legislative Building, and then he spoke at the Capitol Theater to benefit the Olympia chapters of FOR (Fellowship of Reconciliation, Olympia FOR) and VFP (Veterans for Peace VFP 109.) The Capitol Theater event is available for viewing on TCTV (Thurston Community Television) as well as on the Internet. Internet embeds are included here, with link to the blip pages. Also included below the fold are the scheduled airtimes on TCTV!

The True Cost of War - Rep. Dennis Kucinich

Rep. Dennis Kucinich - Q &A "The True Cost of War"

"STRAIGHT TO HELL...RETURNS" with director Alex Cox in attendance, TONIGHT DEC 11TH, 9PM AT THE CAPITOL THEATER!!!

"STRAIGHT TO HELL...RETURNS" with director Alex Cox (y'know "Repo Man", "Sid and Nancy", "Walker" etc) in attendance for intro and Q&A!!



Soundtrack by THE POGUES, THE COASTERS and members of THE CLASH, THE WEIRDOS, THE CIRCLE JERKS and more!!!

This post apocalypse western set during the coming coffee wars will be screened in a new directors cut with the director in attendance to answer for it! Shot in the Sergio Leone, Sam Peckinpah setting of Almeria Spain.

Be there...natch!

"This is a movie that was never supposed to be made. Cox was on his way to Nicaragua to document a music tour, but due to escalating political tensions in the region, the tour was scrapped. With nothing else to do, Cox and the musical acts from the tour made Straight to Hell instead. The end result is a manic, punk rock take on the western.In 2010, Cox restored his offbeat classic. In the process he added some new effects and inserted six minutes of footage that was edited out of the original. The product of these adjustments is Straight to Hell Returns, the film Cox intended" -culture mob


Photo from Scarf, Hive Dwellers, Built to Spill, Halo Benders Friends of Mia benefit show at Capitol Theater

Halo Benders
This is the Halo Benders, Sunday 21 November 2010 at the Capitol Theater in Olympia, Washington (There are more photos from the show on my Flickr pages.)

Halo Benders played as part of a benefit concert for Friends of Mia. Friends of Mia seeks to address issues relating to, and to support those dealing with, childhood cancer.

OFS Octopus comes out

The OFS Octopus lives at the Historic Capitol Theater in Olympia. 

He believes in you.


OFS Octopus video

Come see COMMUNE, a local documentary about downtown Olympia, for FREE, May 29 at the Capitol Theater!


Presented by the Free Space Project as part of the Capitol Theater's Local Film Maker Series.

3:30pm doors/4:00pm screening with Q&A to follow  

FREE Admission!

This locally-produced Free Space Project documentary is a street-level exploration of the Olympia social commons—a shifting space that erupts on street corners and bubbles up from an underground well of potential. Through casual interviews with strangers, the film dives into the depths of desire and unveils new uses of the spaces we all share.

All donations will go towards establishing free community space in downtown Olympia.


Andy Bichlbaum Presents at the Capitol Theatre

[now updated with photo link to the Dow Chemical Golden Skeleton.]

Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men at the Capitol Theatre in Olympia Washington

April 26, 2010 — Olympia, Washington

The South Puget Sound Community College student group B.R.I.C.K. (Building Resistance by Increasing Community Knowledge) hosted Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men at the Capitol Theatre.

The Yes Men are composed of Andy B. and Mike Bonanno. During the presentation, Andy mostly talked about what the Yes Men have done, how they work, and also about their recent film, The Yes Men Fix the World.
Andy Bichlbaum of The Yes Men
at the Capitol Theatre in Olympia Washington

World Sacred Music Festival presents Al-Andalus Ensemble, April 11

World Sacred Music Festival 2005 - Olympia, Washington, USA

Our Journey to Smile: Visit with the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers via Telephone

Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers
Saturday night at the Capitol Theater (206 5th Ave SE in downtown Olympia)
Program begins at 6:30 PM
Youth Peace Volunteers

more information:

Tickets: OFS members $5, General $8, Youth $3
(360) 754-6670
Benefit for Youth Peace Volunteers of Afghanistan

You can watch Youth Peace Volunteer videos at Our Journey to Smile.

You can watch a related Olympia FOR’s TV program from anywhere on the world at Search past episodes for Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers.

This event is a project of the Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation with help from the Olympia Film Society.

Midnight Movies

Friday. Capitol Theater. Midnight.

Mini Film Festival.

At the low low price of free (donations will not be shunned)


Films Currently to be screened:

She Likes Him | Phoebe Moore

N.W. Clown Fest and This Clown is on Fire | David Raffin

Murphy's Ark | Aviva Siegal and Jessica Gonzales

Alone | Freddy Dobler and Sean Downey

I Became Very Small and Into the Wire | Ryan Converse

Hypnagogue | Sam Palmer

The Human Race | Otis Pig

Buddy Named Truth | Charlie Daugherty

All the Things You Could Not Say | Tasha Glen


Doors open at 11:30.


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