Aligning of the Souls: Living on the Bridge Between Fear and Courage, a report-back

The Aligning of the Souls gathering was great. Many stories, prayers - and jokes - were shared amongst the participants. The gathering kicked off last night (Wednesday night) with a potluck meal and the sharing of prayers and stories relating to the topic of healing and peace in the wake of the horrible events of September 11, 2001. Some people sang songs or read poems, some people told stories and shared wisdom, everyone listened.

This morning the gathering continued at dawn (Thursday morning, September 11, 2008) with the commencement of a day long continuous heart beat drum rhythm. We prayed for peace and healing as the cool and foggy air and mist of dawn gradually gave way to a brilliantly blue sunny and cloudless September Eleventh day. A ceremonial fire was lit in a very special outdoor fire place. The fire burned throughout the day, carefully observed, attended and listened to.

COB Couch Y'all!!

I will be at Oly Salvage finishing the construction of the cob bench. Come have fun in the, er, ahem SUN (I hope I hope I hope) and learn a simple building technique.

If it rains, all bets are off (i.e. no work party).

Community Build-a-Bike Project

Ten years into this project and still going strong. In fact stronger than ever as several community members have stepped up to keep the project going. But, we need to find a new location.

For the past 3 years B-A-B has been run from half of 2-car garage in the NE neighborhood, thanks to the owner of the property. The house is now up for sale and the garage has been demolished, so B-A-B finds itself in desperate need of shelter before the NW monsoon season (which may have started today, as I write this).

Residential or commercial spaces are all open for consideration, as are common space ventures with other organizations.

Please contact Terry @ 943-6109 or with any suggestions.

free school potluck/meeting

Everyone who is interested in the free school is invited to join us for a potluck/meeting at Traditions on Sunday, August 17, from 3pm to 5:30pm!

Community Meditation & Prayer for Global Peace

re-posting from email:
The 5th annual Community Meditation and Prayer for Global Peace will take place from noon, August 2 to noon, August 3 at the Tivoli Fountain on the Capitol Campus. Come for all or part of the 24 hours.

A Walking Meditation for Peace will precede the Meditation and Prayer, beginning at 11:15 am on Saturday, August 2 at Marathon Park and proceeding to the Capitol Campus.

Whatever your religion or spiritual practice, Interfaith Works invites you to participate in one or both of these events.

A starting point of thoughts on online community

Because if I don't start, it won't happen.... Here's a huge batch of articles on online community:

These come from some folks who have run or are running fairly large online communities, some of which have been going for quite a long time.

The point being that I think OlyBlog as a community could stand to do some learning from these sources. (I almost jumped into the anonymity question but never did get my thoughts together.) After almost 10 years of web communities, there actually is some best practice available. :)

More to come, hopefully. I am notoriously lousy about following up on these sorts of vague big ideas, so no promises.

The Second Annual Community Build-It! Convergence

    If you are a loving person who is looking to rent a room within a community and/or become a part of a wonderful community, please sign up on our email list (on our website) and join us at our next event! 

We also greatly welcome those who are just curious or interested in living in a community and planning the creation of a community.

We will accomplish this amidst a family of mutually caring members--members who honor and encourage each others' individual dreams and talents, yet who balance personal fulfillment with enthusiastic support for the economic, spiritual and emotional well-being of all generations within the group. We will uphold principles of equality between all members regardless of race, creed, age, ability, income level, gender, sexual preference or sexual orientation.

Our EcoVillage will interact openly with other communities and share what we are doing through possibly having one or more of the following:

-on-site businesses

-educational retreats




-and possibly an on-site hostel.

Olympia Village Building Convergence FUNd-raiser

This year will be:

The first annual Olympia Village Building Convergence.

We will be doing a fund raiser and info session on June 21st 7pm at Fertile Ground Community Center.

Come by and purchase some pizza - either by the slice or a whole pizza for $5-$10 sliding scale, and come by and see what the Olympia Village Building Convergence is all about!

We will provide the dough, tomato sauce and cheese, bring your favorite topping! 

The Olympia Village Building COnvergence will be taking place on the fourth weekend of July - the 25th-27th with many fun activities for all ages.

For more information Email


"I Want To Do This All Day: Redefining Learning and Reinventing Education" a multi media performance!

>Event Contact: sara lankutis-, (360)786-9030
>Lincoln Elementary- 213 21st Ave. SE. Olympia
>Sunday, June 15th, 5pm door 5:30 start All Ages, $5 suggested donation
"I Want To Do This All Day: Redefining Learning and Reinventing Education", an audio documentary, uses interviews from 23 different learning spaces to illuminate the grassroots movement of people and communities taking power over their own education and creating learning environments based on freedom, cooperation and social change. The documentary will be presented in a multimedia format using audio, sound and music from the documentary with dance, song, and projections. Stonewall Youth will also give presentations.
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