Last week for Music in Sylvester Park

The Olympia Jazz Senators will play this Wednesday, August 27 for the final week of the 35th annual 2014 Music in the Park Series. Bring your blanket, your family and your dinner and enjoy the festivities! 
Sylvester Park
7:00 - 8:00 P.M.

More divisive double-think from the Olympian "news"paper

The O does it again. Don't they read their own paper? Do they realize they're directly contradicting themselves? Both of these pieces likely drive readership -- maybe the factual discrepancy between them doesn't bother the editors. Sad. We deserve better.

A tiny mafia in downtown Oly?

Forgive the off-the-cuff tone of this post.

Although it is not a safe bet to trust anonymous comments on internet news posts, I am still intrigued by this comment from this article concerning the stabbing at Sylvester Park today:

There is a large 'family'  (also called a "Thieves Guild" ) in Olympia that hangs around the block in and around the Gazebo as their "throne", and roams and hangs out near the downtown bus terminal.  Many who belong to the core family are related by blood or relationship.  The family members and their followers have assigned corners and areas to beg for money or sell drugs all over town.  They pay the "family" a fee or percent they get or both depending on how good the corner is.  The daddy and mamma or king and queen are not poor or homeless. They have underlings who protect them and their corners.

There are 'independents" who refuse to pay the family for corners to beg or sell drugs.  Most are strung out on drugs or don't show up at corners regularly and tend to stay out of the family's way.  Some independents are "Imports" or "foreigners" or beggars not from this region.  They come in and beg, sell 'hot and poisoned" and fake or very diluted drugs, threaten and rob beggars and customers, and run scams.  They will trade on the Family's name and try to do a fast run and rip a lot of lot of people off and make a lot of money and leave. 

I know some of these people.  They are dangerous and will defend their honor, their family and members.  The blocking of the bus and a person getting stabbed is a step up in the downtown violence and is a warning shot that the police and city council and authorities have lost control. 

New "Cz" Tags Downtown

I'd like to offer a big FUCK YOU to all the punks who tagged buildings in downtown Olympia this weekend, mostly along 4th Avenue from the closed Schoenfeld Furniture all the way up near the fire station.

Do people know how much this deteriorates the downtown area and how much work goes into removing that crap?

If I ever find out who did this, mostly with the Cz tag, I'd like them to be held accountable.

And I'm fully supportive of street art that is endorsed by local businesses.  The crap I saw this weekend falls way outside of even my submissive limits.  If anyone can photograph this stuff and add to this post, it will make it that much richer.

Apologies for the profanity,


Mob thuggery

     Early Monday morning August 22 2011, a gang of thugs once again attacked law-abiding citizens for daring to witness and object to their vandalism. Once again they have invited retaliation against the out, proud and constructive members of the Olympia Anarchist community by local reactionaries. There is to no little difference in tactics between cops and the white kids who assault citizens for having the audacity to witness their vandalism. If the Circle K Anarchies continue to attack Olympians, then it is right, if not obligation, for Olympians to resist their violent assaults through the use of defensive, non-lethal tactics and technologies. I for one refuse to turn my neighborhood over to a mob of privileged, disaffected youth two degrees separated from A Clock Work Orange.  Should our little wonder puppy Ms. Jami Williams or any of her cohorts attempt to assault me for objecting to her vandalism, rest assured I will do my best to deliver a stream of my newly purchased mace right between their nose.

     This violent incident has affected me strongly for not more than 36 hours later I  was assaulted and thrown to the pavement for challenging a man for his shouting misogynistic obscenities at a pair of women. As of this writing my wrist, coccus, and ribs still ache. The pain, the fear and frustration at being hit and kicked for trying to make my hood a bit better of a place to live resonates strongly.

Karen Rogers, candidate for Olympia mayor an Einmaleins TV interview

Einmaleins TV presents:

Olympia mayoral candidate Karen Rogers sat down with “You Make Olympia” host Mathias Eichler to offer her take on how to bring more residents and visitors to downtown Olympia. The lively conversation also touched on Thurston County’s car culture, wise budget decisions, transportation and uncovering what locals truly value.

Rogers is an Olympia city councilwoman and works for the Washington State Liquor Control Board as a rules coordinator and policy specialist. She previously served at the Department of Ecology and the Washington State House of Representatives, where she helped draft a bill creating the Puget Sound Partnership.

She also serves on the City of Olympia Utility Advisory Committee and the Thurston County Planning Commission.


Click here for previous interviews with Dick Pust, Nathaniel Jones and Steve Langer.

The Future of Capitol Lake.

In 1951 Capitol Lake was created and thereoff became an icon of Olympia Washington's society. It was a lake open to the public, allowing them to swim and race boats. As time has passed, the quality of the lake has no longer met Washington State Standards, and was shut off from public access.

It has become the time to realize that the lake we once had is almost unobtainable, and that we need to focus on the solution to the many problems of the lake, which I believe would be turning it into an estuary. To begin with, the lake is recieving sediment washed down from the Deshutes River. This has lowered the depth of the lake, increasing the temperature, and causing stress on aquatic plants. Also, the lake is infested with the New Zeland Mud Snail. This species has no natural predators. Making the lake into an estuary will allow for the flow of saltwater, which the snail cannot survive in, therefore making the population die out. In an estuary, aquatic life will also be in a healthier environment compared to a lake. Currently, there are low dissolved oxygen levels. With an estuary, the dissolved oxygen levels will grow, benefitting the aqautic life.

Costs for the lake should also be taken into consideration. An estuary could cost up to 90 million dollars, while keeping the lake including dredging could cost up to 154 million.

One could argue that the cost is worth the attraction and symbloism the lake provides for Olympia. However, I believe we want to promote the fact that we are doing what's right for the environment, not just what looks good.


Einmaleins launches Olympia’s Internet broadcast network

Einmaleins completed its transformation this month from a European lifestyle retail store to Olympia’s Internet broadcast network.

Mathias and Trixy Eichler positioned their downtown location in 2011 as a media hub for the Olympia community, partnering with multimedia production, client and web development professionals to provide original, hyper-local online content about Washington’s capital city.

Einmaleins’ growing family of media products includes “Einmaleins.TV,” an online video network that features entertainment shows about Olympia culture, leaders and news. The network’s flagship show, “You Make Olympia,” puts local creative professionals and entrepreneurs on the hot seat for a casual conversation about their efforts to transform the city.

The company also produces Olympia’s most influential independent websites, including “Everyday Olympia,” which publishes daily news and opinion articles about regional issues. Einmaleins also produces popular event- and topic-specific websites about Olympia’s Arts Walk event and local cooking.

Einmaleins’ downtown storefront remains open weekdays for visitors interested in its hyper-local promotional products. For more information, visit Einmaleins in Olympia at 121 State Avenue or contact via email at

Cruise Downtown Olympia on Tuesday the 2nd of November 2010—Election Day!


Sunny skies gave way to fog. Trip downtown for breakfast and then to the Port to see what's going on.

Saw a fire hydrant being replaced!

And lots of logs at the Port.

And the Wall Street Journal newspaper! Quite a troubling perspective on the world! Interesting and entertaining!

Rupert Murdoch owns both FOX entertainment and the Wall Street Journal. WSJ may also more of a source of entertainment, than really useful and meaningful news and analysis. For example, there was an article comparing the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, to the President of Puerto Rico, lauding cuts in government spending.


Cruise Downtown Olympia on Tuesday the 2nd of November 2010—Election Day!

Homophobic and Transphobic Harrassment in Downtown

Reality check.

I have heard two stories within the past week of friends being harrassed by groups of young men for their gender presentation and perceived sexual orientation.  One friend was forced to run and hide from his bashers near the Oympia Center.  I believe both attacks happened in the early evening.

Fortunately, neither of these instances involved a physical confrontation.

Get angry.  Stay alert.

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