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Come see COMMUNE, a local documentary about downtown Olympia, for FREE, May 29 at the Capitol Theater!


Presented by the Free Space Project as part of the Capitol Theater's Local Film Maker Series.

3:30pm doors/4:00pm screening with Q&A to follow  

FREE Admission!

This locally-produced Free Space Project documentary is a street-level exploration of the Olympia social commons—a shifting space that erupts on street corners and bubbles up from an underground well of potential. Through casual interviews with strangers, the film dives into the depths of desire and unveils new uses of the spaces we all share.

All donations will go towards establishing free community space in downtown Olympia.


A Shot of Olympia - Series I

Howdy. First post.

Photography is one of my hobbies. Well, not the artsy kind... I'm more into taking snapshots of interesting subject material, and anyone who's lived here for a while knows there's lots of funky stuff around Oly to photograph, to say the least.

My idea for this blog is to post a maximum of three photos per post in a series, showcasing Olympia's local graffiti, wall-art, murals, mosaics, paste-ups, stickers, and... unique artistic activism.

All photos posted are from my Flickr account and were taken by me. All rights reserved and all that noise. All photos will be posted in the default 'medium' size, and a link to access other sizes will be provided as well.

On to the first series of three... click the post title to view the whole post.

Series I - Photo I - Obama is a Cracker [Link]

Lyndon LaRouche supporters stirring the pot with the president's head on a parrot's body and some incendiary rhetoric, MLK Day, 2010.

Downtown Olympia, WA

A Few Recent Photos

Here are about 30 or 40 recent photos from the past week or so. They're roughly chronological, starting with the most recent ones. The exception is the first one, which is featured because I find it very interesting and informative (explanation below.) The rest of the photos include some from Boston Harbor, the Olympia Rafah Solidarity Mural (which looks awesome,) some of water pollution, with some thoughts about water pollution, one about "holding the torturers accountable," and some other miscellaneous but somewhat interesting perspectives on the local scene here in little old Olympia, Washington. There are more photos from the same time frame posted on my flickr account. Have a good day. Cheers -- to happiness and freedom for all, consensus based government, sustainability, and everything else that is right and good (for all people!)

Estuary or Lake
Lake or Estuary

The sign on this motor vessel interests me. It associates the word "estuary" with the word "swamp". It juxtaposes the image of a mosquito with the the word "estuary". It juxtaposes the image of a kayaker with the word "Lake".

Two observations. Mosquitos (to the best of my understanding and knowledge) do not breed in salt water*. So the estuary, being brackish, would likely support far fewer mosquitoes than the lake scenario. (*see correction in comments section below)

Two, people would likely still be able to kayak in the estuary. Actually, the kayaking might be more sporty. Think of the ability to ride the river, and the tide, out to the sound. yippee!



OlyWA Capitol Theater Free Wall
photo by enpen
mouseover photo by enpen



OlyWA Capitol Theater Free Wall
photo by enpen
mouseover photo by enpen


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