Movie Junkies: Horror for the Holidays at the Midnight Sun Performance Space

Need an escape from the holiday cheer? We will be kicking off our twice monthly Movie Junkies nights at the Midnight Sun just in time for Scary Christmas! We have picked out some of our favorite horror films to share with you.

Also in the spirit of giving, these movie nights will include a short or two to round out the evening; just like in the old days.

Screw the Olympian, I endorse Rossi for Mayor.

Dear OlyBlog,
I endorse Marco Rossi for mayor. Cheryl Selby is NOT the best fit unlike what the Olympian says. Her economics understanding is at the level of owner for a small business that caters to the wealthy. That tends to be the only position that can safely claim benefit from neo-liberal trickle down economics.

As far as Selby's involvement in Sidewalk and homeless? Beware, because that does not show much of a lineage of interest, but rather of political maneuvering. Of course a politician paints themselves charitable! She could use that position to defend herself as she reduces any support for progressive governance. How deep does that concern go? No evidence points below the surface.

Finally, Cheryl Selby would move the City Council away from Stephen Buxbaum's reforms of increasing participation in governance. At last Tuesday's council meeting there was one comment by Selby that says a lot about her and how she would do things as mayor. Citizens were given 3 minutes each by Buxbaum, during a pause to consider responding before the rest finished Selby said the following.

"Would it be possible, so that we can end in a timely manner, for the rest to have two minutes?" said Cheryl Selby.

Buxbaum immediately set her straight on the importance of staying consistent.

Olympia Pop Rocks- New Local Podcast Features Olympia Artists , Musicians, and Community Activists

I've been really enjoying "Olympia Pop Rocks" a locally produced, bi-monthly podcast that features interviews with Olympians involved in art, music and community activism. Recent interviewees include story-teller and performer Elizabeth Lord, commedian Sam Miller, and Meg Martin of Interfaith Works Emergency Shelter.


ART OPENING: No Easter For Jim

Please join us for the last visual art show that Northern will be offering (for the time being). Northern (Olympia All Ages Project) will be continuing operations for musical preformances at the Midnight Sun in future months, but the gallery spaces as we know it will be closing due to the this move. I'm very excited for this last show and feel like we couldn't have chosen a better artist to help us celibrate this change:

Alex Coxen Solo Exhibit

DECEMBER 7th, 7pm, free to the public. 

Olympia Then & Now: Part II


As usual, my apologies for your 56k bandwidth, this is a photo-heavy post. Also many thanks to the various online archives I have plundered for your enjoyment. Very special thanks to the Olympia Historical Society, http://olympiahistory.org/, where many of these photos were originally curated and posted, also thanks to http://www.jonesphotocollection.com/, and http://www.digitalarchives.wa.gov/ for making these photos available for us. 

Let's start with a round of "name the familiar building." Try to guess before you scroll. No cheating!






















Olympia Then & Now

This essay is photo heavy, so pardon the bandwidth. Most photos link to hi-res versions. 

The photos have been pulled from various online sources and the “now” pictures are from Google Maps Street View and Google Earth. 

Thanks to http://www.jonesphotocollection.com/, http://www.digitalarchives.wa.gov/, and http://olympiahistory.org/

I have tried by best to find the current locations, but I may be wrong in a few instances. 


1. Olympia in 1894. 

I had this photo labelled 1848 but I am pretty sure that is wrong based on the inscription. 

It is not easy to tell, but you can see how much the shoreline has grown. 




2. Olympia in 1948

I believe this photo was taken with the next few that follow it. You can see Little Hollywood and I am pretty sure that is the Oyster House




Last week for Music in Sylvester Park

The Olympia Jazz Senators will play this Wednesday, August 27 for the final week of the 35th annual 2014 Music in the Park Series. Bring your blanket, your family and your dinner and enjoy the festivities! 
Sylvester Park
7:00 - 8:00 P.M. 


The Crazy Bi-Level Buses of The North Coast Lines

note - this is a very photo-heavy essay, so please forgive the bandwidth. most images link to higher resolution versions.

I have been doing research based pretty heavily in the 20’s and 30’s as of late, and recently I stumbled across this very low-resolution photo of our local Bus Depot, in about 1920something.

no larger resolution available

You can barely see, but poking out of the garage are two very unique buses, of a style that was apparently only produced here in the Pacific Northwest. 

Before we get into the nitty gritty of cool buses (yes buses are cool), I want to take a second to tell you about the state of the road system in the United States in this era. Check out this photo from 1912:

People being assaulted by a "group of men"

According to the article here a local was beaten on 4th last week by a group of random strangers, who stole his skateboard and went through his pockets. 

Anyone with any information is urged to step forward. 

I don't know much about Jezebels, but the article and video make a point of mentioning it as a source of problems. If any other readers can fill in the gaps in the comments please do. 

Is this related to the same "gang" violence as the recent stabbing downtown?

Capitol Theater - 1994 / 2011

Here is a photo I found (it might have been from an old olyblog post...) of the theater in 1994:


And a photo I took in 2011:


You can click either for a larger version - the second one is high res.

As for discussion - I really appreciate the work that has gone into the building and the changes from the past two decades or so. 

For the record my photo is anti-copyright so take it if you like it. All respect to the original poster of the 1994 image. 

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