Recent Photos July 2014

Pads on the Pond, at McLane Creek

Recent photos include that amazing sunset during the thunderstorm from last Sunday, the 20th, as well as a picture of an oil train going over the Nisqually River trestle, night train operations at Rich Road, where Tacoma Rail was transferring cars over to BN, and a photo of the Aster K during log loading operation. Here's a quick time-lapse video from the sunset thunderstorm with lightning. I'm hoping to find time to edit more video to show some of the lightning strikes with sounds of thunder, and sunset colors...Also night train operations.

Fireworks at Boston Harbor

After a super gorgeous sunset, the fireworks display at Boston Harbor was great. There was a huge crowd there too.

Boston Harbor Sunset

Boston Harbor Sunset

Bagged Ceramic Proppant

Word on the street is that the company (Rainbow Ceramics) that has been shipping Bagged Ceramic Proppant (the product used for extreme hydro-fracking in North Dakota,) is due to renew its contract with the Port, soon. Photos of Proppants at the Port:

Bagged Ceramic Proppant

Bagged Ceramic Proppants from Isoldana

Pile of Bagged Ceramic Proppant

Isoldana Unloading Bagged Ceramic Proppant

Recent Photos, mostly ships and trains some comments about fracksand "proppants" and explosive oil train shipments...

Logs Loaded, Cranes Stowed for Departure
Weyerhaeuser logs loaded aboard Sun Ruby at Port of Olympia Marine Terminal. Lately I have been wondering how much these logs are worth.

Sun Ruby Log Ship
Sun Ruby loading logs, last week.

UP Container Shipment
Union Pacific container train, video:

Rails of South Thurston CountyRails

Global Peace Bulk Carrier
Global Peace bulk log carrier finishing stages of loading

Train Carries Proppants for Oil Fracking Through Downtown Olympia

Jefferson Street Tracks with Train Coming from Port
Jefferson Street Tracks with Train Coming from Port (see larger)

+ some thoughts about fracking:
Maybe the ultimate problem with fracking (and other extreme fossil fuel extraction, like oceanic deepwater and oilsands,) is that society is already living far beyond the sustainable carrying capacity of the planet (...much less living alongside, and in harmony with natural planetary systems.) These extreme extraction industries further enable the growth-based economic system to continue. When what is really necessary is curtailment. Not growth. Growth is a problem. We need solutions. Like  efficiency and conservation, and urgent transition to renewables. The real political prerogative needs to be achieving overall economic curtailment, while ensuring uplift for all the world's poorest, and most disadvantaged. how can true, long-term sustainability be achieved?...(please, pardon me *staring dreamily into space* :).

Additional related thoughts:
Jobs are needed, yes. And good jobs. There has got to be a better way than for jobs that go to support fossil fuel industry Billionaires.

Ship Loaded with Logs

Port of Olympia was one of the first stops for Inland Sea, a very new ship. see this photo larger

Centralia Steam Plant

On a country drive yesterday, snapped a couple of pictures of the Centralia Steam Plant: the generator is the single largest point source of carbon emissions in Washington State [See on Map]. I had to wait about 10 minutes for a coal train to cross before proceeding from SR507 onto Big Hanaford Road.

Centralia Steam
Centralia Steam Plant

Centralia steamer
Centralia Steamer

Coal fired capacity is 1340 MW, and the plant is capable of burning up to nine 110 car coal trains per week. According to Internet sources, Transalta has been working hard in recent years to clean up its Centralia operations. Still, annual releases of mercury, a neuro-toxin, are estimated to be around 350 pounds. Exposure to mercury has been linked to intellectual and other developmental disabilities. In a deal with former Governor Gregoire, and the Department of Ecology, the plant owners and operators have agreed to shut down the coal burning operation by 2025.

Media starting with a couple of short videos:

Night Scenes

1) Priest Point on the Budd Waterway

2) Cloud Reflection

3) City at Night

larger versions below:

Four Photos from Recent Years

Four photos from 2010, Springtime:
Dramatic Clouds
Dramatic Clouds on the Highway


Spring Growth
New Growth

Flight of Geese

I posted, also, on my "other blog," a couple recent videos from Woodard Bay, with sounds, one with sounds from the neighborhood, with birds, and another from the same scene with the sounds of music by Mozart, here.

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