Justice for Scotty Yoos

Scott on the Stand during Motion to Dismiss Pre-trial Hearing
Wednesday 19 December 2012, Scott on the stand at Thurston County Courthouse, during a pre-trial Motion to Dismiss hearing, Judge Christine Pomeroy, retired, pro-tem presiding.

Stay up to date with Scotty's struggle for justice, Scott Yoos Support Page.

Sleepless in Olympia

   Homeless people are sleeping in front of city hall because it is safe, dry and well lit. And yes, there are certain individuals who are causing problems. Just not all of them.

Last Thursday the Land Use committee of the city council held a public meeting on whether they should support the request by the city manager for an emergency ordinance to oust them all. It doesn't sound like the committee is going to. About 50-60 people spoke to this issue and asked for time to come up with other options. It seems like that will happen. Meanwhile EGYHOP folks, Interfaith Works and others are talking with each other and members of the community for new ways to skin a cat.

   Everytime something about homelessness comes up, the city manager immediately runs into the room screaming, "EMERGENCY!".  And every time a new ordinance is passed criminalizing the homeless, they become even more marginalized and angry. But, I guess that if the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer (read 'police force'), then to you every problem will look like a nail (read 'criminal').

    The full city council will hear the recommendation of the committee on Tuesday, Dec. 11th, 7pm.

PS - Realize that the public attends and that the proceedings are televised on TCTV, so this is an opportunity to talk to the whole community, not just the 7 people on the raised platform. Where else do we have an opportunity to talk to each other? Nowhere!

Litter & littering: a crusade

    Littering:    The license number is cross-referenced with the registered owner of the vehicle, who will get  a stern letter from the Washington State Patrol.

Buckle up - We love you..............................................................................and it's the LAW!       $120 FINE.

   If I don't buckle up, who am I bothering?  If I litter........?    Go figure!

Police Apologia

Force Science sends me emails.  Some of them are downright creepy.


Finally, check out this clever video on YouTube at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImMBiqM62jk

Using a cartoon format, it's an easy-to-follow description of the human amygdala (the so-called "Lizard Brain"), which "regulates emotions and activates the body's earliest warning system for danger so survival actions can follow."

In particular, the narration explains how hypervigilance fostered by the impact of police training and working conditions on the amygdala can affect officer interactions on the street both positively and negatively.

"Our hope is that this video will help the public and officers alike better understand some of the police behavior they may see on TV or encounter first-hand," says Jack Colwell who, with his long-time training partner Charles "Chip" Huth, was the creative force behind the production. Huth is a certified Force Science Analyst and together they've also written the book Unleashing the Power of Unconditional Respect: Transforming Law Enforcement and Police Training.

At the moment, the video is available only on YouTube but can be downloaded for roll call training, Colwell says. Eventually he and Huth hope to have a system in place that will allow them to search Twitter and other social media for people who are expressing concerns about law enforcement experiences.

Saving the whales & policing

   I watched a documentary about people from America travelling thousands of miles by boat to Antactica to prevent Japanese from illegally harvesting whales. So what?  Why go to so much effort? Just another group of liberal do-gooders? A bunch of hippies? Anarchists?

  Or are they caring people? People who can feel compassion not only for other humans, but also other species. People who actually allow themselves to feel.  There's a correlation here to policing (and eventually to war). When a human being  sees the other as just a number, an object, an enemy, they have lost touch with their compassionate part. The part that realizes we are all connected. It then becomes 'their job' to stay in control. It becomes easy to say, "I was told to do this."  It becomes natural to see the other as a threat.  So when Scott Yoos is put in "pain restraints" for throwing paper towels in a dumpster the cops are just doing "their job".  He is a threat. To whom? To what, law & order? Or to the world view of the cops who want to justify their actions?

   Why do so many people show up at a city council meeting to stand up for Scott? To stand against police brutality?  Just hippies?  Those damn protestors?  Trouble makers? Anarchists?  They were not there. They have no dog in this fight. But wait, they do feel a connection to another human being at the level of being human themselves. Being human is not "their job",  it's who they are.

    So when you want to draw a line between people, rather than use the 'right & wrong' ruler, maybe think in terms of those who act from a feeling of compassion and those who are just out to do "their job".

   Now, where do we go from here?

The Oly Zoros of the circle A! You've really done it this time...

I want to applaud the 'anarchists' who bravely stood up to Tony Overman. That'll teach the Olympian once and for all to stop sending photographers to our demonstrations and protests. Little did we know before that Overman was not a photographer just doing his job but was in fact a 'snitch.' Yes, Tony Overman's cover was finally blown, he has been exposed with spray paint by heroic 'anarchists' who deduced that their escapades like the one that ended with the front page photo of 'anarchists' smashing bank windows in the middle of the day was snapped by none other than the Olympian photographer in the course of him doing his job, leading to possible convictions.

All across the US, Tony's true identity is now known, Snitch, even making it into the Washington Post. That dastardly devil was shown what happens when you try and do your job around 'anarchists.' Now the whole nation has beholden the awesome power of 'anarchists,' as they go about their mission to liberate the earth one circle A at a time. That circle A once placed upon a vehicle or building means something, something like freedom, or liberty or something kind of noble like that, who fucking cares exactly! Thanks to the 'anarchists' in their selfless mission to bring about justice through actions that don't get hung up in details like planning or messaging or alliance building or education or strategy or thoughtfulness or awareness. Keeping it simple, Overman = snitch, circle A, people will understand. I hope they posted it in their 'anarchist' blog under anonymous so I can leave them an anonymous comment about how cool that was. Keep up the good work 'anarchist,' whoever you are. Slash some more tires in the middle of the night like drunken college students but with a purpose! I know! You can put a turd in a paper bag light it on fire and ring the mayor's doorbell! I'll bet he'll step on it trying to put it out and get doggy doodoo all over his shoe!

Not Guilty

At arraignment in City of Olympia municipal court this morning, Scott Yoos (pronounced "Yoh s"—like "mos" in "most"), pleaded not guilty to two charges, one of trespassing and one of obstruction (of justice—I think of justice, but am not sure if that's the actual charge.) Next date is pre-trial 8am on the 1st of August.

Below is a photo of a rally to support Scott prior to the City Council meeting last night. Over thirty people spoke in support of Scott, and to call for changes. Public comment lasted about an hour and a half at the beginning of the meeting.

Great Turn-out for City Council Meeting to Support Scott

Police Brutality

Many of you know Scott Yoos. Scott is an active community member who has been around for quite a few years. Last week, Scott had an encounter with some local police officers that left him bruised and battered. After being beat up, Scott was hauled to jail, and now is being charged with crimes. There's an arraignment scheduled for next Wednesday, the 8th, at 9am at the city courthouse. On Tuesday, people will gather to picket in front of City Hall at 6pm, then have an opportunity to comment during the City Council Meeting (which starts at 7pm.) If you know Scott, then you know how harmless he is. Please support this effort to hold the police accountable for their behavior.

Screenings of COINTELPRO 101 In Olympia April 10-12

COINTELPRO 101 is a documentary that sheds light on the history of the FBI's secret government program, Counter-intelligence Program (COINTELPRO), launched in the 1960s and officially active until 1975 used illegal means to disrupt, destroy and devastate movements for social change inside this country. While doing so it details the history of the Black, Chicano/Latino, Puerto Rican and Native American movements for freedom in this country. The film links the radicalized mentality that allowed COINTELPRO to operate freely until Congress shut it down with what is happening in communities of color and movements for social change today. COINTELPRO 101 is both a primer about a vital historic period and a conversation started about the links today. This is not just dead history, but a living legacy for all those who believe in freedom around the globe. COINTELPRO 101 is a well-made and appealing primer on the history of the US police state. Produced, written and directed by individuals who have themselves been the target of tactics documented in the film, it has an authenticity and immediacy that pulls the viewer in." - Counterpunch "The film inserts stolen pages of history... No one who sees this film can return to conventional and now popularly re-emerging arguments over immigration or human illegality." - The Black Agenda Report SCREENINGS IN OLYMPIA (all followed by a discussion with the film's director and former political prisoner Claude Marks) @Mixx96 Community Space When: Sunday April 10th, 2011 8:00PM Where: Mixx 96 Community Space (near transit center) 119 Washington St NE @Evergreen When: Monday April 11th, 2011 5PM-7PM Where: Lecture Hall #1, Evergreen State College, 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW, Olympia, WA 98505 Sponsored by: SDS olympiasds{at}riseup.net. This event is wheelchair accessible. Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=197131243659912
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