Justice for Scotty Yoos

Scott on the Stand during Motion to Dismiss Pre-trial Hearing
Wednesday 19 December 2012, Scott on the stand at Thurston County Courthouse, during a pre-trial Motion to Dismiss hearing, Judge Christine Pomeroy, retired, pro-tem presiding.

Stay up to date with Scotty's struggle for justice, Scott Yoos Support Page.

Scotty Yoos Trial Update

Scotty had a pre-trial hearing scheduled today. Court started shortly after 10:30am. There were about a dozen "fans of Scotty" there. Wendy asked for permission to photograph. The judge asked which case she was there for. The court was notified that the prosecutor was busy with something else and the hearing had been postponed. My question is how long the prosecuting staff was going to let Scotty and friends wait before notification of postponement. Can our County Prosecuting Office do better? Thank you.


Not Guilty

At arraignment in City of Olympia municipal court this morning, Scott Yoos (pronounced "Yoh s"—like "mos" in "most"), pleaded not guilty to two charges, one of trespassing and one of obstruction (of justice—I think of justice, but am not sure if that's the actual charge.) Next date is pre-trial 8am on the 1st of August.

Below is a photo of a rally to support Scott prior to the City Council meeting last night. Over thirty people spoke in support of Scott, and to call for changes. Public comment lasted about an hour and a half at the beginning of the meeting.

Great Turn-out for City Council Meeting to Support Scott

State v. Imani

Daniel Ellsberg The jury returned what I think is a disappointing verdict in the case of State v. Imani. Imani was arrested in August of 2008 when she entered highway exit ramp 120 off of Southbound I-5 (which is near the main-gate to Fort Lewis.) Imani entered the roadway in an effort to resist aggression of the US government.
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Although the Jury verdict was disappointing, I think it is reasonable to consider Imani as a winner. It seems to me that she was a winner when, in a courageous act of conscience, she stood in the way of the war machine. Her's was an attempt to prevent harm, an attempt to save lives. It was not a criminal act, and the state was wrong to prosecute her for acting in principle.

Several witnesses for the defense gave very compelling testimony in support of Imani's act. Whether Imani acted out of privilege, right, or duty and obligation, it is clear that she acted in a way so as to resist the conduct aggression by the government of the USA.

Among several brilliant testimonials was that of Mr. Daniel Ellsberg, who talked about his life and experience: ranging from education at Harvard, to service in the Marine Corps, to consulting with the White House and State Department, to releasing the Pentagon Papers, which detailed incriminating documents, documents that showed the invasion and occupation of Vietnam by the US government constituted aggression, and was therefore illegal under the law.

Re-elect Justice Richard B. Sanders

This is only the second time that I have "liked" an ad on facebook.

Re-elect Justice Sanders, because this is a Justice who is not afraid to speak up. We need courageous leaders in the court—people who are willing to speak up against human rights abuses.

And while I have serious differences with the BIAW*, which has supported Justice Sanders, I think the Justice is someone I could talk to about the problems of torture and illegal war-making (and perhaps also about the problems with what BIAW does.)

*I think that the BIAW attempts to influence the conduct of public affairs for private advantage.

And I think the BIAW (and similar groups) don't really care about the environment, or quality of life. I think the BIAW works to advance the economic self-interest of some at the expense of others.

Photos from War Resisters' Trial in Tacoma

The short story is that Judge Ross ruled in favor of the protesters' motion to defend themselves based on the necessity of their actions.

Then, later on, when one of the jurors (a Pierce County Corrections Officer) was seen waving to a witness for the prosecution (Lakewood Police Officer Martin Knott,) a mistrial was declared.

The trial is scheduled to start over (with selection of a new jury) in April. The defendants' claim to necessity has been established and that part of the case is set to remain.

War Resisters' Day in Court

Judge Rules in Favor of War Protesters' Necessity Defense

Good news from Pierce County, where protesters will be able to defend themselves based on the necessity of their actions. More news with photos to follow.

Here's an early report from KIRO 7: link (includes video).

Also, the story was picked up by the Tacoma News Tribune (via The Olympian): link.

Stop Military Spying, Support Port Protesters!

port protestProtesting Against Military Strykers Is No Crime! Drop the Charges on Patty Imani and Emma Kaplan! Prosecute War Criminals Not Anti-War Protesters!

CONTRIBUTE TO PORT PROTESTERS LEGAL DEFENSE FUND. Write checks to PO Legal Defense Fund. Mail to PO BOX 295 Olympia, WA 98507

On Friday January 27th, longtime-anti war activist Patty Imani and World Can't Wait Steering committee member Emma Kaplan will be facing trial for participating in protests with Port Military Resistance (PMR) in August 2008. They each face a fine of up to  $1000 and 6 months in jail. PMR has been a national effort to protest and blockade military vehicles used in the war in Iraq. PMR in Washington state has blockaded Stryker Brigade vehicles that travel from Iraq, carried through the ports and return to the nearby military bases.

 read the rest: Stop Military Spying, Support Port Protesters!


PMR Press Release 10/30/09 — Women's Solidarity Action

PMR press release:

October 30, 2009 – Olympia, WA

Women celebrate victory, dismissal on all charges pending.

Since the anti-war demonstrations at the port of Olympia in November 2007, a number of women have been defending themselves against misdemeanor charges in Thurston County District Court. The last eight defendants, known as the Patient Eight, celebrated victory today after the Gross Misdemeanor charge of Obstructing an officer was dismissed, and the lesser charge of Attempted Disorderly Conduct was scheduled for dismissal on March 1.

In late October, 2008, a full year after the port protests, 25 women were singled out for prosecution by Thurston County Proscutors. Since then, defendants and their attorneys have appeared in court more than 13 times over eleven months. While scaling back prosecutions of misdemeanors across the board, the cash-strapped prosecutor's office has doggedly continued to persue these charges. At the hearing today presiding Judge Sam Myers commented, “everyone's anxious to get these matters over with.”

Guantanamo Detainees' Release Ordered

Interesting and informative news article:

Chinese Muslims Ordered Released From Guantanamo

By Del Quentin Wilber
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, October 8, 2008; A01

A federal judge yesterday ordered a small band of Chinese Muslims being held at the Guantanamo Bay military prison released into the United States by Friday, rejecting the Bush administration's contention that it could detain them indefinitely without cause.

It was the first time a U.S. judge has ordered the release of a Guantanamo Bay detainee, and the first time a foreign national held at the facility in Cuba has been ordered transferred to the United States.

U.S. District Judge Ricardo M. Urbina issued his ruling in dramatic fashion from the bench in a packed courtroom, saying he was ordering the release of 17 Uighurs because the government provided no proof that they were enemy combatants or security risks. Under the order, the men will live with Uighur families in the Washington area until a more permanent situation can be found.


Read More: Chinese Muslims Ordered Released From Guantanamo
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