Help Save Our Therapy Cat


My disabled wife's therapy cat recently has a urinary blockage, which is usually fatal, and he spent three days in the Veterinary hospital receiving treatment.  he is home now, and doing well, and the Vet's progrosis is for full recovery.  Because my wife and I are currently on a fixed income, we had to spend next month's mortgage payment to pay for his recovery.  I would rather lose my house than allow a loved family member to die for economic expediency.  All true animal lovers will understand my position.  As long as there is a chance the pet will survive, and they are not suffering, I will attempt to save them.  This has put us in a dire financial position, and we are attempting to raise funds so that we may possibly keep our home in these dire economic straights.  Please consider donating, or if you are unable, please share this with anyone you can (facebook, blog, etc.)  Click on the picture above to go to the indiegogo.com fundraising campaign I have setup to help recoup our costs.  Our friends (and strangers) have been very generous thus far, but we are a long away from raising the money spent to save our beloved cat, who provides my disabled wife with comfort for the pain and depression she suffers from due to her on-the-job injury in 2000.  God bless you if you can help!  If not, please sent "get well kitty vibes" or pray for him to whatever deity you feel appropriate.  Thank you in advance, any donations are sincerely appreciated.

"Evergreen has broken my heart" by Deb

Yesterday the parking representative told me that parking was a privilege, not a right. For a person who cannot walk the long distance from the parking lot to the studio, or walk from the bus stop parking to the studio, an accessible parking space is more than some random privilege or convenience.  They have made some accommodations, but change them often and have given me tickets and yesterday clamped my car while I was on the air.  They have ticketed my car previously despite having clearance to park. When I voiced my protest they advised me that I would have to go in person to their office to fight the tickets; an office that is not readily accessible. At one point the designated parking, with the “handicapped” sign was only accessible via six very steep concrete stairs; It would be funny, I even laughed out loud later, but cried real tears when at that time it might as well have been 500 stairs.

Legends & Lowlife

What is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity? by Susie Collins, editor at The Canary Report

 Hope this answers some questions for those who showed interest, and enlightens a few more:


People with an exquisite sensitivity to toxic chemicals are often called “canaries.” The name comes from the old practice of miners who took canaries with them into the mines; if the canary died from toxic air in the shaft, the miners had time to escape with their lives.People with chemical sensitivities are the canaries of the modern world.

So how does a person develop chemical sensitivities?

Washington State Proclamation Recognizing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Attached is Governor Chritine Gregoire's Proclamation

Survey Helps Pinpoint Problems

I remember back during Snowapalooza issues of access to public transportation were discussed. While this survey from WSDOT won't keep the snow from falling it might help take care of some other impediments to travel. Please share freely.

At some point, most of us have experienced some difficulty with traversing a badly cracked sidewalk or trying to cross a busy street. Imagine the added challenge of these situations for people with disabilities. Since we can’t address a problem that we don’t know about, WSDOT has created a new Web tool that will help us to identify, evaluate, and possibly fix these trouble spots.

A new on-line survey has been created for people to report their experience regarding the accessibility of public roadways and roadside features, such as:

Screening Embryos for Blindness / Deafness

The BBC WHYS program's Ros Atkins is asking what constitutes a disability. Do blindness or deafness constitute a disability? Whether or not you believe that that blindness and deafness are disabling, should embryos be selected and rejected based on the likelihood that the resultant human being would be deaf or blind?
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