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A Shot of Olympia - Series I

Howdy. First post.

Photography is one of my hobbies. Well, not the artsy kind... I'm more into taking snapshots of interesting subject material, and anyone who's lived here for a while knows there's lots of funky stuff around Oly to photograph, to say the least.

My idea for this blog is to post a maximum of three photos per post in a series, showcasing Olympia's local graffiti, wall-art, murals, mosaics, paste-ups, stickers, and... unique artistic activism.

All photos posted are from my Flickr account and were taken by me. All rights reserved and all that noise. All photos will be posted in the default 'medium' size, and a link to access other sizes will be provided as well.

On to the first series of three... click the post title to view the whole post.

Series I - Photo I - Obama is a Cracker [Link]

Lyndon LaRouche supporters stirring the pot with the president's head on a parrot's body and some incendiary rhetoric, MLK Day, 2010.

Downtown Olympia, WA

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