Update for Farm Aid for Local Farms

There is a huge thanks from the farmers that have been affected. There were many people coming out on Saturday and Sunday to the Olympia Farmer's Market making donations of all sorts. $12, 310 was donated this weekend. Thanks so much Olympia! This is helping to go directly to the farmers to get back on their feet. The Olympia Farmer's Market has purchased the following for clean up. Dump trucks of gravel will be dropped off this week. Dry firewood has been purchased and is being delivered. Also, tarps, water, tools are being able to be delivered so that clean areas are able to be made.

Monetary Donations can be made at the Olympia Farmer's Market website now. Click on the Paypal button. If anyone wants to pick up the Paypal button for the Farm Relief Fund please contact the Olympia Farmer's Market at 352-9096. This will be good for the web savy people to do.

Cleanup Continues!

Boistfort Valley Farm: Work Parties everyday. Carpools from Olympia are organized for Tuesday and Wednesday, leaving at 9:45am from the Chevron at Union and Plum. If you can't make it but have a donation of for them, please drop it off at the carpool location. There is no contact number. THey DO NOT have water. Address 426 Boitsfort Road.

What to Bring: Warm clothes, change of clothes, drinking water, your own food, BOOTS!

DONATIONS: What they need!

Experienced Carpenters

Reliable ,used vehicles that they can buy for cheap or donated.

Power Washers

Gift Cards to Hardware stores, groceries or clothing stores

Tools, cordless preferred, but anything helps.

Flat headed shovels, shovels, sqeegies.

Tarps- This is for making clean areas and also dry areas. A must. Everything is covered with mud!

Rising River Farm: Jim Mcginn and Jennifer Belknap: Contact 273-5368. Work Parties everyday.

What to Bring: Warm Clothes, change of clothes, BOOTS, your own food and water.


Experienced Carpenters- Bring your own tools esp. saw horses, skill saws, and drills, hammers, extension cords.

Reliable used trucks that they can use for their farm work, Able to buy cheap.

Tools, cordless preferred, anything helps. Specifically drills.

Crew to help dismantle trailers to be able to recycle as much as possible.

Extension Cords



Updates for Farm Contact Info

Contact can be made directly to Boistfort Valley Farm at www.boistfortvalleyfarm.com

Contact for Rising River Farm is at www.risingriverfarm.com


assistance for Tilth Producers Members

hey kassey tilth producers of washington is putting out a call for action for help, and we're trying to brainstorm what would be most helpful at this point, besides money. i've seen some lists, but am wondering you know of other needs that fellow farmers, specifically, could provide flood victims. feed, hay, grain, show up with a truck for the day, etc. clothing drives? bulk sacks of beans, rice, healthy food, etc.? is there a rent in a buildingn somewhere someone is living temporarily that needs to be paid for a few months...etc. how are you determining who needs help? if i could organize a work party from the sequim area on sunday, where would it make the most sense for us to go? i will be sending out press releases tomorrow, (on belhalf of Tilth's efforts, and our local ones) and would to give folks the most current info...anything else to add besides what's already posted?

New Work Party

Simply Life Farm: Carpool at 9:45 am on Sunday, December 16, at the Chevron on the corner of Union and Plum.  

What to Bring: Warm clothes, change of clothes, your own drinking water and food. BOOTS!

Tools: Cordless drills

Directions to Boitsfort Valley Farm

FYI: Map Quest has got the directions wrong.

These are the directions: I-5 South.

Exit 77 Raymond/ Pe Ell, go Right onto Route 6 (WEST).

About 7 miles, go LEFT onto Curtis Hill Road.

Up and over the hill, come to a stop sign. 

Left onto Boistfort Road.

First farm on right.


It is recommended that you are suited up BEFORE you get out of the car. THere is very little places to suit up that are clean. Bring a strong garbage bag to hold your dirty clothes.  

Again, Boistfort Valley Farm is not a kid friendly clean up work party.