Vegan Cooking Demo and Zine Reading at Olympia Timberland Library

Josh Ploeg Cooking Demo and Zine ReadingsJoshua Ploeg, traveling vegan chef, demonstrated and shared with a standing-room-only audience delicious and easy vegan dishes such as Apple-Lemongrass-Shitake Rolls and Seaweed-Noodle Salad Rolls. Josh shared humorous anecdotes of his experiences traveling and cooking in other's kitchens.

Several talented community members also shared readings from their zines, catalogued at the Olympia Timberland Library. We heard about novice cooking tips, candy aisle ratings of Tumwater stores, and codes of conduct, pirate and otherwise.

Visit Joshua Ploeg's blog or his website for more information. You can buy Joshua's cookbooks and zines at Buy Olympia or Microcosm.


How great that you wrote this, Chia!

It was a really great program. The talented community members that Chia spoke of are Chelsea Baker- comic artist, comic pimp at Danger Room, and writer of such zines as "Chicken of the Sea" and "Cheap Eats;" Zach Mandeville of Bryce's Barbershop and "Funwater Awesome" zine fame; and Nicki Sabalu- writer, activist, free schooler, food not bombs-er, and writer of the fabulous "Crescent City Stories" zine. Really, the whole thing was awesome.