Will climate change kill Washington's oysters?

According to a recent Grist story, "Will Climate Change Kill Off Washington State's Oysters?", Taylor Shellfish recently started losing oyster larvae at its Dabob Bay hatchery, and discovered that acidification of the seawater was dissolving their shells faster than they could form them. (They've solved the problem for now by drawing the water for the hatchery from 15 feet down instead of 100...)

(The article says "... the deaths of these baby oysters in the Pacific Northwest are the first confirmed cases of increasing ocean acidification killing aquatic creatures in the real world;" I thought it was already killing Pacific corals, but apparently not yet...)



It would seem oysters are a real canary in the coal mine, which I realize evokes a surreal image. The history of the Olympia oyster in particular can serve as a foil for human impact on Puget Sound.