Woodard Bay Slideshow

All the talk about the bats made me curious, so I went to see for myself. It was a nice day for a walk around the Woodard Bay DNR Natural Resources Conservation Area. I didn't see any bats though.

Woodard Bay Madrona (5 image composite panorama)
Woodard Bay with Madroña

slideshow on the flipside

Woodard Bay, Sunday, October 5, 2008 Slideshow

[There are a bunch of informational placards in this set; I took pictures of many of the signs that I came across. You can pace through the set by first clicking neutral space inside the slideshow embed frame, then using your arrow keys to track forward and backward.]


Very nice . . .

catches the woodsy magic of the place.  I often go there myself to relax and unwind during the middle of hectic days. . . .


...very nice, indeed.

Thanks, Bert. 


I just want to see if I have this right.... "It was a nice day for a walk....but I didn't see any bats!" Perhaps if you had a flashlight with you....? But not turned on to save on the bat-teries. SEMPER VIGALANTE!

bat reference

Well I had to get a reference to the Woodard Bay Bats in there somewhere. I guess I could have found a way to insert the bat reference more tactfully or appropriately. I wasn't really expecting to see bats. But I can see why people feel stronglfy about Woodard Bay. It's a gorgeous spot.